​Tips and techniques to survive in unusual situations

Here are 5 basic survival skills​ to survive in unusual situations

tips and techniques to survive in unusual situations

​Want to survive in unusual situations?

Here are 5 basic survival skills

Watching a competitor eating a live worm or drinking dirty water in the famous television series “Survivor” might have always disgusted you. 

I mean geez they could have eaten pizza or burger if they were hungry, right? But sorry McDonald’s and Pizza hut don’t deliver their food in the middle of a scary wilderness. How unfortunate!

You may find such people and shows disgusting, but they are actually trying to survive in a situation that they never planned for, so here are 5 survival skills.

One never knows when they might find themselves ​needing tips and techniques to survive in unusual situations

So learning survival tricks is important because when a lion is about to attack you, crying for mommy and wetting your pants won’t help you at all.

Here are 5 survival skills that will help you in surviving:

Lighting a fire

Your mom just found a lighter and saw you smoking a cigarette. And before you could sense her presence, a slap out of nowhere comes and lands on your cheek.

Well smoking is bad for your health in more ways the one but sometimes carrying a lighter with you can prove helpful in saving your life.

If you get lost during hiking in a forest or some distant place, a lighter will always come in handy for lighting a fire. Maybe at times bad habits can come in handy.

Getting water from trees

Walking for hours on a steep, rocky path made you thirsty and you cannot find a source of clean water? 

Do not worry.  Take out the plastic bag containing your stuff and wrap it around the leaves of a tree.

When the water evaporates due to sun’s heat, it will be collected inside the bag. Voila! Now you can drink as much as you can and store the rest.

The magic of toothpaste

No, no one is asking you to brush your teeth right now. Toothpaste can be used for treating bug bites as it soothes itchiness and relieves pain.

So if you were lost in a wilderness, don’t use your toothpaste just for cleaning your teeth. 

No one is going to check your sparkling smile if you die in the woods because of a bug bite.

Sleep above the ground

Make a hammock out of some old branches of trees and a cloth. 

Sleeping on an elevated place will not only protect you from the cold ground but also from becoming a yummy meal for a wild animal.

You can use your jacket or shoe laces or any rope for creating a hammock.

Finding direction with a compass

Stressing out that you can’t find your way back? Thank God you did not throw out that ugly watch gifted by your ex girlfriend away.

Point the hour hand (little one) towards the sun. Draw an imaginary line between the hour hand and 12 o’clock. 

The line going down the middle will be pointing towards south and the opposite one will be north.

Use rocks to stay warm

When making a campfire, don’t forget to use rocks from around you. Rocks will absorb the heat, make you stay warmer for a longer time and can be used to heat water.


You don’t need heavy equipment for survival. Be intelligent enough to use things around you and these tips and techniques to survive in unusual situations.

No matter what kind of tools or tricks you use, the important thing is that you survive. Just be sure to thank your ex-girlfriend for the watch when you get back.

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