​Unusual Survival Skills

​Basic Survival Skills One Should Know-Ask Your Great Grandparents

​Basic Survival Skills One Should Know 

Survival of the fittest, this is not just for animals but has been proven time and again by humans as well. So this means if a person is strong, only then will they survive.

History has set many examples that prove this phrase to be true. Princes would treacherously plan to murder their siblings so that they can take over the kingdom.

And here you are fighting with your brother, planning to take revenge just because he took the TV’s remote from you. Pity!

Survival of the fittest-How To

Survival is the basic human instinct. Like an animal, whenever a person senses danger, their brain triggers the “fight or flight” response. You either run away or stay there to face the challenge head on.

No, no, not asking you to start a dance off, duh! Just want you stand there to face the danger with courage. 

Someone’s response, fight or flight is our instinct for surviving a situation for which you were not ready. 

And of course only the strongest and shrewdest person survives.

Basic Survival Skills

The young generation today has been spoiled by the media so much they dont even know there are basic survival skills one should know

Youngsters are so used to getting things done with a snap and everything they need at their disposal that they have no idea how to survive in difficult times and definitely have no clue of any ​Unusual Survival Skills.

This does not include making it through a lecture, no that is not a survival skill. 

Wait, maybe if the lectures are too boring and somehow you make it to the end of class, then yes you should be awarded with an attaboy.

The forgotten skills

Weren’t our ancestors’ just cool? They used to hunt down their own food, chop it up and then cook it on open fire. They had a simple life.

But look at you, scared of a stray dog and don’t even know how to start a fire without a lighter.

Our grandparents, their parents and their parents parents (whoa that is a big lineage) had some amazing and unusual survival skills that have been lost over the passage of time. 

Here are some of their cool Survival skills the our young people just don’t have:

Hunting and fishing

You know, your ancestors could fish with their eyes closed? Hahahaha, just kidding. But yes they had some incredible hunting and fishing skills.

Your grandparents used to go hunting and fishing and not just for fun, catch their food, bring it home and butcher it themselves. There was no idea of readymade foods back then.

Lighting a fire

If you were born with everything that you take for granted, that doesn’t mean your grandparents had the same privilege.

They used to collect wood from the forest and light it with matches.

And in the distant past people used rub sticks together to get fire. Wow! 

Most young people would be in retirement or die before they got the fire going this way.

Making medicines

You get sick and drive to a near by pharmacy to buy medicine without even knowing its ingredients. 

And there were your grandparents who could make medicines from literally any plant.

They had a vast knowledge of herbs and plants. By using these they could create good medicines just by using what they had around them and their bare hands.

The Conclusion:

There are many more skills that have long been forgotten that our ancestors had. 

All of the skills mentioned above made survival both easy and simple. But that does not mean they had an easy life.

Your grandparents could survive by hunting food, creating fire to remain warm and cure illnesses by making medicines with stuff growing near their house.

What would young people today do to survive if they got lost in the woods? 

Probably wet their pants, cry for their mommy and finally be eaten by a wild animal.

Not a happy ending, right? Then take our advice and get the basic survival skills one should know.

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