Millennials Clueless on how to survive wilderness alone

Millennials Clueless-can you survive wilderness?

Let me tell a story to illustrate this. You turn in your bed, open your eyes and see a zombie staring at you. No! 

That is not your mom without makeup who just scared the hell out of you but you just woke up in a zombie apocalypse.

Now what would you do? Try some stunts from Resident Evil or just wait for a zombie to bite you and turn you in to a dead man walking? 

Let me guess, the latter option i assume.

So who are this group that does not have a clue, millennials, the youngest generation of the 21st century lacks even basic surviving skills

The only skill that they have to our world is texting and and wasting time on Pokemon Go.

  • The Internet won’t help

Millennials take pride in the way they look on social media and record stupid dub smashes to look cool.

These youngsters don’t even know how to tie a tie and pretend to be the coolest in their school.

They are the ones who cry for mommy when a cockroach invades their bed room and they hide under the sheets.

During a situation of life and death, the internet or mommy won’t be able to help you so learn to survive on your own. 

This is why millennials are clueless on how to survive wilderness alone.

  • Basic survival skills

Screaming like a girl won’t keep the zombie away from chopping off your head. And what if the walking dead knows how to swim and you don’t? What a shame.

Save yourself from becoming an easy prey. Here are 5 basic survival skills:

Things like swimming, self defense, shooting, making a shelter, and making a fire. So that when you have to survive, you actually could.

  • Alone on an island. Not Paradise.

Bon voyage! And suddenly you are hit by a storm, cast away on an island and left with only one friend beloved Wilson (which is actually a soccer ball).

No partner, no food and no shelter. Oh dear God, how will you check-in on Facebook and upload pictures on Snapchat? 

How will you survive wilderness alone? Only if you had watched Bear Grylls rather than making weird dog faces with your iphone. 

You could have actually learned something that could have helped you a lot in surviving on the island.

  • The highway spirit

They say she waits for you on the highway. When your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have lost your way, she comes in to you and takes you to her place.

The millennials even try to hit on her, geez guys, she’s a spirit. And then she kills them. So if you see a pretty lady, dressed in white at highway, don’t hit on her, basic survival skill (hahahaha).

Well seriously to survive in such a situation you should know how to read a map because your GPS won’t be working everywhere. The only thing that could help you find your way back will be a map.

The truth is, millennials don’t have a clue how to survive because they are so much involved in the virtual world that they don’t know how things in the real world work and what basic survival skills one should know.

So use the internet for what it was meant for and search for something about basic survival skills or enroll yourself into a local class that will teach you a wilderness survival lesson so you can survive wilderness until you get rescued. Remember to think, practice and survive!

So is it true millennials don’t have a clue how to survive? 

It is obvious but if your are one of them be smart and practical and learn at least 10 basic survival skills it really could save your life.

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