navigate using the starsstar navigation

Navigate using the stars

Navigate using the stars

Did you ever get lost in a jungle? Or forget your direction in the middle of a large ocean? Not always are your prepared for the worst of scenarios.

In the olden times when sailors had no compass or Google maps to find their way through the endless deep oceans, what did they do? They had the stars to help them find way.

Understanding the pattern of stars and finding your way through them is an ancient art or rather skill that has been lost over time.

With all the technologically advanced gadgets and apps, people have become more dependent on such things rather than putting an effort to learn these skills.

But even these technologies have their drawbacks. What if in the depths of a jungle you fail to get a wifi signal? Now what?

In times like these when your gadgets may becomes useless, your skills and knowledge is what will help you in surviving.

One should always keep themselves ready for the worst of consequences and be equipped with everything that can be helpful for surviving.

When the technology leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere, stars are the only thing that can help you find your way back.

Here is everything you should know about finding your way through stars and keeping yourself safe.

Navigation without a compass

Sometimes your adventurous trip can become a nightmare if you get lost in the wilderness or open seas.

The best idea is to pack a compass along with other essential items when going on such trips to save you from getting lost or moving in circles.

But what if you do forget to take a compass with you? Of course use the Google maps.

But what if you don’t find an internet connection there? Well this one is tough.

Rather than crying out for your mommy, learn the skill of finding your path through different ways like as follows:

Finding your way by the sun

This one is easy actually. Well everyone knows that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

So if you’re trying to find your way in brought daylight, wait till afternoon so that you can easily get an idea of east and west directions through the setting of the sun.

Once you’re able to figure this, finding north and south won’t be difficult.

The shadow method

Find a level ground especially if you have lost direction high up in the mountains.

Stand still and look out for the direction of your shadow which will always point in the opposite direction of the sun.

If the sun is behind you that will be east and the direction of your shadow will point towards west. The rest can be figured out pretty much easily.

Navigating through a stick

Finding a stick on your adventures is not difficult and can be used to find your way back home. Place the stick in the ground vertically so that you can easily see the shadows forming.

Place a stone at the tip of a shadow and wait half an hour for another shadow to form. Place another stone and repeat the process until you get a few shadows of different lengths to figure out your north.

These techniques are only useful in broad daylight but if unfortunately you get lost at night, these tricks will become useless. Still it is a good idea to polish these surviving skills as well.

Navigating through the stars

One of the most reliable ways of navigating your way back home is through stars which have been used by sailors and travelers since decades. Start your efforts of getting home back with finding the “North star” or the “Polaris” because this is the star that sits directly over the North Pole.

Let you imagination go wild and find pattern in the star. It is important to start with the “Big Dipper” or also known as the “saucepan”. Roughly find stars that make a dipper and from the tip of the dipper move towards a star that is at a little distance. This will be considered as the North Star and will help you in finding your way back.

In case you are unable to find a dipper, choose five stars that make a “w”. The star lying opposite to it at a considerable distance will be the Polaris. These are few of the many techniques to navigate your way through stars that travelers have been using since ages.

Old Vs. new navigation techniques

Now people are pretty much dependent on technology to find their way back while people of olden times depended on nature for navigation. Both methods and techniques have their pros and cons going hand in hand.

On one side, latest technology is more reliable and accurate in finding your way back but there are places where these technologies can become useless. You may get stranded in a place far away with no internet connect that may make it difficult for you to reach back home.

As for the stars, they will always be there to guide you but learning the skill of understanding the patterns is not everyone’s cup of tea. And of course this is not the most reliable method to find the desired path that will lead towards your destination.

Difficult situations will never ask for your permission before entering into your life. Where ever you go, always pack essential items that will help you in surviving in the most difficult of situations. Even if it is a trip to a small forest nearby, don’t forget to carry a compass with you in case you forget your way back.

Never panic in hard times or else you will even forget the basic survival techniques. Keep your composure and focus on finding your way back home by utilizing the skills that you had ever learned. In situations like these, a compass can be of great help so always keep it with you.