Start a Fire with a Lemon

Start a Fire with a Lemon – Seriously?

Start a fire with a lemon ultimate survival tip

Though at first it might sound like a joke, the possibility and practicality of start a fire with a  lemon is an ultimate survival tip. Made viral with a Youtube video in March 2016 by Swedish YouTuber NorthSurvival, starting a fire with a lemon has now been proved possible and can now be another check off your list of cool survival skills.

You’ll need the following materials to create your lemon battery:

  • A ripe lemon
  • 6 copper clips
  • 6 (galvanized) zinc nails
  • Wires
  • Steel wool and tinders

lemon fire starter power by lemon

Lemon juice contains an electric current that can carry charged electrolytes that, when powered with the chemical change in the zinc metal, sparks a reaction that releases an immense amount of energy.

Though the activation energy to create the fire doesn’t come from the lemon itself, the lemon juice’s charge creates the electric current that releases the power.

The chemistry behind the process is all in reduction oxidation-reduction, which occurs when the zinc metal dissolves into the lemon juice’s acid and creates this electricity.

This power can be reportedly converted into up to several volts of electricity until the zinc completely dissolves away.

start a fire with a lemon

Lemon Battery in action.

Although the supplies required to create this lemon battery aren’t as attainable as arbitrary supplies in the woods, the ability to start a fire with a lemon shows how powerful this ultimate survival skill  can be if you ever find yourself having to survive wilderness alone .

Starting a fire with a lemon is serious business, and with a few supplies that you can find in abandoned buildings, you’ll be able to add this skill to your top ten survival skills, just in case.

Even though it is fun and cool don’t depend on it. There is a lot more to learn.

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